Guidance Counseling

There is a full time counselor at MEF IS who is responsible for helping the school community with both social-emotional needs, and advises students regarding their choices for college and university.

As a social-emotional counselor, the counselor works with students, teachers, and parents. The counselor is available to speak with students about their emotional concerns. Sessions are also offered on transition for both new and leaving students. Mediation is utilized to resolve conflict. The counselor works with groups as needed on various social skills and on topics including effective communication, time management, study skills, and coping with stress. Time is also spent in classrooms, helping as needed with whole classes, individual students or small groups. Parent support is also offered, and communication between the counselor and parents is appropriate and timely.

The counselor has an open door policy in order to assist any student, parent, or teacher who is struggling with any kind of difficulty that leaves them feeling confused, sad, anxious, or alone. The preference is not to try to offer easy solutions to problems but, instead, to provide a safe space in which persons can express and explore their feelings. By working together, solutions are found.