Music & Drama

As part of their creative development programme, students in Reception 1 and 2 take part in Music lessons once a week taught by a specialist Performing Arts teacher. They cover the following topics: Music Appreciation, Rhythm, Orff, Artists, Singing, Instruments.

Drama is suited to the way young children learn; young children are more likely to retain information taught through drama because it is multi-sensory, so in Reception 1 and 2 drama is integrated into the daily teaching routine through  role-plays, confidence building games, acting, feelings and emotion expression sessions.

Music, movement and dramatic play enhance the child’s growing capacity for creative expression. Music offers children the opportunity to express themselves melodically and rhythmically. Children respond to a variety of songs, finger plays and instruments as they discover different ways to use their voices and bodies.  Children use their bodies to move expressively as they develop a sense for where their body is in space as well as in relation to others. Imaginative role-play provides children with the opportunity to accept, assign, and act out roles. Children may pretend to be someone or something different from himself or herself and dramatize situations and actions to go along with their chosen roles.