Health and Safety

At MEF International School, the Health and Safety of our students is paramount.

MEF International School has an infirmary which provides health services to students, teachers and staff within school hours. It is staffed by a full time school nurse. The health unit works to provide vaccinations, health screening, health education, environmental health and safety, health consultation, and the regulation of medication.

Vaccinations are provided through the Ministry of Health on a calendar determined by the government. Written permission is sought from parents before administering vaccines. In addition to this service, students go through health screening for dental checks, fluoride applications, height and weight checks and hearing tests at different age and grade levels. These procedures are carried out with the support of the Ministry of Health and Department of Education.

The infirmary is also responsible for bacterial and biochemical checks that are undertaken by outside agencies for the school’s drinking water, swimming pool and meals. Personnel also ensure the cleanliness of the kitchen, dining room and canteen areas of the school. Porter examinations of kitchen personnel are carried out by a private health care provider.

The school has first aider personnel licensed and approved by the local health authority. Also, all the teachers who supervise swimming classes have lifeguard licenses.

MEF Schools has a ministry-certified workforce, health and safety specialist, and workplace physician and nurse. There is an Occupational health and safety board, which meets every 3 months which consists of the General Manager, Assistant General Manager, Certified Occupational Health and Safety Specialist, School Physician, Business and Purchasing Manager, Administrative Affairs Specialist, IT specialist, and the Worker’s Representative. Thorough audits and examinations take place and findings are shared with the committee. An action plan is formulated for any issues which need attention. The committee works to ensure that the school is in full compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 in workplaces in Turkey. The studies conducted in our school within the scope of the law are as follows:

  • Risk assessment
  • Emergency action plan
  • Training of teams in the case of an emergency
  • Environmental measurement activity reports prepared against hazards originating from the workplace environment that may affect the employees and children
  • Periodic inspection reports of equipment
  • Basic occupational health and safety training
  • Personnel forms for new employees (health check-ups for persons entering the workplace are made by the workplace physician)

MEF International School also has an internal active Health and Safety committee which meets monthly. The committee has primary and secondary teacher representatives. Before meetings, teachers share any concerns regarding the safety of our school campus. These concerns are discussed and actions are taken to remedy any concerns.

Earthquake, fire, and lockdown drills occur on regular intervals throughout the year.  Teachers, staff, and administrators are trained at the start of the year and before the drills. They learn the procedures and expectations for students. Students are also given information from their classroom/homeroom teacher about the procedures. After each drill, teachers share ideas about how the procedure can be improved. Feedback is reviewed by the Leadership team and improvements are made before each drill.

The school is secured through 24 hours security personnel. Security is also provided through the latest technology surveillance. Our security guards are trained on a regular basis, and are fully licenced in their professions.