Parent Teacher Association

The main aims of the Parent Teacher Association are to foster positive relationships between the school and families pertaining to the well-being of the students, parents, staff and faculty; to afford the study and discussion of all matters relating to the welfare of the children; and to support and enrich teaching and learning experiences; organize fund-raising activities to support the resources of officially recognized not for profit organizations charities and schools in need while recognizing that the Principal and General Management are the responsible authority in the school.

During the school year the Parent Teacher Association, together with the parents, students and staff at MEF IS, organize many family and fund-raising events including at the Winter Bazaar and Spring Fair.

Parents are welcome to become a “Room Parent” acting as a representative of the parents of a homeroom, helping to aid communication and organise events.

The Parent Teacher Association members meet once a month in order to discuss and facilitate the achievement of its aims.

If you have any questions or feedback for the Parent Teacher Association or would like to join, please email