Visual Arts

Every week students have the possibility to develop their creative skills through our Art curriculum. Art lessons are held once a week and run by a specialized teacher. In Year 1 a teaching assistant is also available to support the teacher.

In Art students develop their artistic skills and explore a variety of subject matter and themes. Different types of media and techniques are introduced and students learn how to utilise these tools to communicate their ideas. Students create artwork that reflects their experiences as well as their imagination, and explore famous artists’ works as a source of inspiration. Students are encouraged to participate in class discussion which will involve explaining their reasons for making art and comparing their reasons to the reasons of others.

Students in Years 1 and 2 start by learning basic art processes  such as pattern practice and colour mixing, and then explore a series of units, among which are Art About Animals, the Urban Jungle and Mosaic, Manipulating Space and Weaving, and a unit about 20th Century Artists.

Students in Years 3 to 6 continue to develop their art skills and learn how to shade forms, to use tools for drawings, to experiment with textures, to represent 3D forms on a 2D surface and to model clay. Some of the units covered in Upper Primary are: 2D and 3D Constructions, Native People’s Art, Collage & Matisse,  Maths-focused Art, Impressionism, Optical Illusions and Humans in Art Forms.

Special activities and educational excursions are organized throughout the year to extend the learning outside the classroom and create memorable experiences for the students.