Board of Governors

MEF International School is operated by MEF Schools Board of Governors who oversee all the MEF Educational Institutions, at the Ulus, Bahçeşehir and Izmir campuses.

The Board of Governors are made up of the following members:

  • Eda Arıkan, Chairman
  • Hakan Subaşı, CEO of Arikanli Holding
  • Muhammed Şahin, Rector of MEF University
  • Yasin Kulaklı, Financial Advisor
  • Erdoğan Bozdemir, MEF Schools of Turkey, General Manager
  • Elvan Tongal, MEF Schools of Turkey, Assistant General Manager

Guiding Principles of the Board of Governors

All members of the Executive Board of MEF International School shall:

  1. Be motivated primarily by the desire to serve MEF IS and the children it educates.
  2. Maintain a student focus in all decision-making.
  3. Be accountable for the financial well-being of MEF IS.
  4. Be responsible to MEF IS rather than an individual or group or agenda.
  5. Establish, in partnership with MEF IS’s Head of School, priorities and policies for MEF IS which are consistent with MEF IS’s mission.
  6. Recognise that legal authority rests with the Board, not any individual member.
  7. Honour majority decisions once made.

The Board of Governors have oversight in the following areas as outlined in the School’s Board Policy Manual:

  1. All staff, whether internationally or locally recruited, shall consistently support, promote, and apply the mission of the School.
  2. The educational program shall be designed, reviewed, and assessed to promote high achievement for all MEF IS students within the parameters of the School’s mission.
  3. The School’s learning environment shall be safe, secure, healthy and supportive of the mission.
  4. Financial planning and resource allocation procedures shall be adequate to ensure the long and short term financial security of the School.
  5. Strategic goals for the long-term development of the School shall be established and periodically reviewed by the Board in collaboration with the Administration.
  6. Development and advancement programs shall support the mission and be consistent with the School’s values.
  7. The implementation of the Child Safeguarding procedures and policies are reviewed regularly to ensure prevention and intervention in child protection.