The Middle School academic programme at MEFIS-Izmir has its roots in the Cambridge Middle School Programme but it has been further developed through an inquiry-based, students-centered approach that celebrates the international context in which we live.

Students enter Secondary School from the age of 11 and in Grades 6-8 follow a course of study which provides a broad and balanced range of learning experiences. The curriculum includes the following core subjects: English, Mathematics, Science as well as Art & Design, ICT, Humanities, Performance Arts, Physical Education, PSHE and Modern Languages (French, Spanish, Turkish and English as a Second Language).

In the second semester of Grade 8 students start to make decisions concerning the courses they will pursue from Grade 9. In order to help students make informed decisions, a “Course Selection Presentation” is shown to students and parents early in the second semester.

For more information regarding the Cambridge International Programmes and its transferability to other systems and its recognition, please visit the following websites/web-pages: