Creative Development


As part of their creative development programme, students in Reception 1 and 2 take part in art lessons once a week taught by a specialist. Arts and crafts activities are also carried out during literacy and numeracy focused lessons. During these lessons, students begin to explore different media and respond to a variety of sensory experiences; they create simple representations of events, people, and objects through different media; they start using their imagination to express and communicate ideas, feelings, and thoughts using a range of materials and suitable tools. 

Performing Arts

Students take part in performing arts lessons taught by a specialist. They study music appreciation, rhythm, artists, singing, and instruments. Additionally, drama is taught to this age group. It is used in role plays, confidence building games, acting, and feelings and emotion expression sessions by both the homeroom teacher and the performing arts teacher. Music and drama enhance the child’s growing capacity for creative expression. Music offers children the opportunity to express themselves melodically and rhythmically. Drama provides children with the opportunity to act out roles.