Physical Development

PE is an important part of the curriculum as we value both academic and physical development at the school.

The Early Years PE curriculum is taken from the IPC and is part of a whole physical development programme. Through the PE lessons in the gym and outdoors, students begin to develop spatial awareness; learn how to move confidently in a variety of ways, showing control and coordination; develop balancing and climbing skills;  develop gross motor manipulative skills; improve fine motor strength and coordination; and begin to understand the importance of keeping healthy. Towards the end of the year students also take part in water confidence lessons, in preparation to learning how to swim when they are older.

All PE lessons are run by a teacher and supported by a teaching assistant.

The EY teachers are also making sure that the students play outside to develop their physical skills. The outside environment has a unique value to young children’s learning. Young children need space in which to run, express their feelings, to be noisy and exuberant. Fresh air and exercise are beneficial to the development of children to promote a general feeling of well being. Children also need to be challenged and take risks if they are to grow and learn. Students are able to run, climb and play with balls and other equipment in the garden, always under teacher supervision.