What Our Teachers Say

“MEF IS is special thanks to the interculturalism and the professional attitude of all of the members in this community. What I love about the school is the collaborative work ambiance, the ratio (which permits us the teacher to differentiate according to the students needs) and to be listened to as a professional.”

Laura Montes, Spanish Teacher


“What I find unique about the Izmir MEF community is the family spirit of our school. Older students take care of younger students on the playground and students are generally kind and helpful with each other and we have few if any bullying issues. The teachers all know each other and because it is such a small school we don’t need to wait for meetings to chat about students and can easily do this informally and discuss how we can work to support them. Basically I think our students feel cared about by their teachers and this motivates them to do their best.”

Leslie Corcos, Counsellor


“MEF IS is a special place to work because we are one big family. Whether we are teachers, office staff or cleaning staff; we all care for one another. We try our best to celebrate the successes in our lives: professionally, academically and personally. We respect each other’s cultures, religions, and personalities. We support each other during good times and bad and would do anything to make sure we feel welcomed, loved and included in our community. Because the staff are obviously happy here, which creates our positive community, the students also are comfortable because they feel accepted and cared about.”

Sandi Klein, Learning Support Teacher


“It is a school that has a commitment to quality education and the class sizes are small. The school has a great culture that encourages students to focus on academics. I love the city and working with my colleagues as everyone is friendly and supportive.”

Ted Norman, Humanities Teacher


“MEF IS Izmir, is a small but organized campus. It is a special place for students due to the low student-teacher ratio, in addition the students feel appreciated. There are large classrooms and every teacher has their own classroom.”

Alessandro Catervi, Chemistry Teacher


“MEFIS Izmir is an amazing school, I feel respected and appreciated here.”

Hale Barry, ICT Teacher