Student Council

The Student Council is a decision making body whose aim is to support the school’s mission statement by promoting;

  • a culture of collaboration and action throughout the school community
  • initiatives that raise an awareness of local and global issues

Primary School Student Council

The Primary School Student Council is composed of representatives from Grades 2 to 5 and it is lead by the school counselor. All members are elected by the student body. Ideas for Student Council initiatives come from the students as they engage in meaningful action. They get training on simple conflict management and they participate in role plays and practice their peacemaking skills.

The student council helps to:

  • welcome new students
  • support those who need help (injured, crying, alone etc.)
  • Help resolve non-physical conflicts by using peacemakers’ strategies
  • Take an active role in school assemblies
  • Promote school initiatives that raise an awareness of local and global issues

Secondary School Student Council

Our Student Council is made up of three components: student voice, student service, and student activities. The Student Council is made up of officers from both the Middle and High School. There is a Middle School President and a Vice President and President from the High School. There are also additional officer positions; secretary, treasurer, community service, etc. Each homeroom is represented by two students. Officers meet once a week with the exception of representatives, who meet once a month. Meeting times are used to organize team-building activities, build a calendar, and work on other student-based initiatives. The Student Council also regularly meets with the Deputy Principal to share concerns and ideas about how to better the school.

Our Student Council learns the necessary skills and knowledge required to coordinate and exercise effective change in the school. Its members practice working with others and exhibit the positive life habits and IB Learner Profile traits to equip them for real-world success.

Some of the activities that the Student Council has brought to the Secondary School include an annual Talent Show, a School Dance, Spirit Days, team building activities across grade levels, and recognition of the important cultural holidays from around the world.

The MEF IS Student Council helps bring the community together through fun, meaningful and spirited activities!