Visual Arts

The Visual Arts are an integral part of the IB Primary Years Programme (IB PYP). Through both traditional and contemporary processes, the visual arts allow children to fully experience their world and appreciate cultures, both past and present, around the globe.

In the PYP program, it is believed that purposeful inquiry is the best way to learn. In our program, the creative process begins with inquiry. The visual arts support the acquisition of essential knowledge and skills, the development of conceptual understanding, the demonstration of positive attitudes, and the taking of action. When learning experiences enable students to develop artistically, students are able to make connections, apply their learning, and transfer their conceptual understanding to new situations. This progressive conceptual development provides the foundation for lifelong learning.

Two strands, Responding and Creating are designed to support the overall development of the students as artists. These strands are detailed below.


  • Students realize their ideas as they plan, experiment and develop skills and knowledge in a range of materials and media.
  • Students develop confidence in self-expression allowing for greater imagination and creativity.


  • Students analyze art from different people and cultures, past and present, allowing them to appreciate how art can be used to achieve different effects and express different meanings.
  • Students discuss and consider why, how and for whom the work was created to help determine an artist’s intention.
  • Students reflect on their own work, and the work of others, and set personal goals for self-improvement.
  • Through the process of creating and responding, students develop the following understandings.
  • Art is a universal language by which we can communicate powerful messages within and across cultures and time periods.
  • Consideration of the contexts in which others have created art can help us understand the cultural significance of image making.
  • Art adds an aesthetic dimension to everyday life.
  • The knowledge and use of the elements and principles of visual art allows us to create and understand works of art.

Art Exhibitions

Throughout the year, students’ artwork is showcased in ongoing art exhibitions around the school. The end of the year MEF IS Annual Primary Art Exhibition is a favorite school event. Each child has a selected artwork on display for the community to appreciate and reflect upon. Through these public exhibition opportunities, students gain confidence, self worth and appreciation for their own work and that of their peers.