Why Join MEF IS?

MEF International School is a warm, caring place where students are nurtured and inspired to grow and learn. Teachers are valued for the contributions that they bring to our school and creativity and innovation are cherished.

Our faculty and support staff (approximately 80 in all) represent many different countries including Australia, Canada, Colombia, India, New Zealand, the Philippines, Turkey, the UK and USA. Our motto of “Building Bridges between Countries and Cultures” is not just a saying, it is part of our day to day experience. Teachers have qualifications that match the area of their expertise and over 42% have Masters Degrees or Doctorates.

Our team of professionals strive to make our mission statement come to life in everything we say and do – to inspire, nurture and challenge our learners to realise their unique potential. We very much believe in providing a holistic education, not only contributing to their academic growth but also social, emotional and physical development. Our learner’s well-being comes before all else, so we are committed to providing them with a safe environment in which they can flourish.

We are located centrally in Istanbul in Ortakoy, only minutes away from the Bosphorus strait which divides Europe and Asia. Three great civilisations – Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman Empires – have left their mark on Istanbul, which can be seen on every street and at every turn witnessed in architecture, cobblestone streets, and remnants. The Turkish people are very hospitable, in fact, visitors are cherished and are hosted and treated as such. You can easily experience the Turkish culture and Turkish cuisine which is quite diverse. Napoleon once said, “If the Earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.”

And perhaps most importantly our students are what makes us most special. Our students are warm, caring and welcoming. They are curious and interested in learning. They come from over 50 different nations from all over the world. They are at the centre of all we do, and the reason why we so enjoy coming to school each day.

If you feel that MEF International School is a good fit for your educational philosophy, we would love to hear from you.