English Language Learning

The English Language Learning (ELL) support teachers work with teachers and students to support students in acquiring the language of instruction in order to communicate personal needs, develop relationships and access the school curriculum. Learning experiences are planned within meaningful, sociable and enjoyable contexts, enabling the learner to acquire language for the purpose of communicating. ELL teachers support learners both inside the homeroom, and outside on a one-to-one basis or in small groups, as deemed appropriate.

The ELL teachers are part of the Student Support Team to support individual students English language development by supporting ELL beginner students to communicate their needs, understand school routines and engage socially. The ELL teachers support the students in developing vocabulary, language structures, and reading skills to access and develop competency when participating in learning.

The English Language Learning program at MEF IS aims to support students’ English needs at all levels. Part of our philosophy is that all of our teachers are language teachers.

Our teachers implement methods that are conducive and supportive of both native speakers and English language learners.

In the secondary school, students are offered support that will allow them to continue learning English, and attain success in their regular academic classes.

  • Students may also receive some of the following support to facilitate their learning:
  • Curriculum support based on their English level
  • Have access to an additional teacher in their classroom
  • Modified language on exams
  • Additional time on exams
  • Use of dictionary/translator in classes and on exams

Our primary goal is to ensure that students become proficient in English and have the necessary tools to support them in this process.