Cambridge Checkpoint

In the middle school (Grade 6 – 8 or Years 7 -9), students follow the Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme as a comprehensive syllabus-based curriculum detailing international skills and learning objectives over a three year period. It covers all major areas of learning required in the first three years of an international secondary education in English, English as a Second Language, Mathematics and Science. Each curriculum framework is designed to engage learners in an active and creative learning journey. The curriculum in each stage has aims and objectives that support students to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged. These are the attributes of Cambridge learners.

Cambridge Lower Secondary provides excellent preparation for Cambridge Upper Secondary (IGCSE) and other educational programmes. Teachers are able to monitor student development and readiness for the next stage of education through Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint exams. Checkpoint exams are a valuable way for teachers to understand your child’s strengths and identify areas where more help is needed. The focus of these exams is showing where your child is on their learning journey. Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint tests are marked in Cambridge, and can be taken in the final year of Cambridge Lower Secondary. On completion of Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint, students will receive a statement of achievement with detailed feedback about performance in each subject area.

The Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint feedback reports enable teachers to:

  • Tailor individual learning programmes
  • Monitor group and individual performance
  • Compare the performance of all learners taking tests in that session
  • Manage learning programmes within schools and as learners move between schools.

The test feedback measures a learner’s performance in relation to:

  • The curriculum framework
  • Their teaching group
  • A whole school cohort
  • Previous years’ learners

Alongside the Cambridge curriculum, MEF IS teachers and administrators have combined best practise and international experience to develop courses furthering skills, knowledge and understandings from the PYP and to prepare students for the IGCSE and IB Diploma courses in high school. Students build upon their learning and develop their talents through the medium of Humanities; French, Spanish or English support; Physical Education; Visual Arts; Music and Computer Science.

**Please note that information about Cambridge Lower Secondary and Checkpoint exams is taken from the Cambridge Assessment International Education website Please click here: Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint to read more about this curriculum on Cambridge Assessment International Education website.