Quality Objective and Policy


Our Quality Policy in line with the vision, mission and values of our school;

  • To raise young people who are devoted to Atatürk’s Principles and Revolutions which are beneficial to their country and environment, who have developed self-confidence and sense of responsibility, who have adopted scientific thinking as a principle, and who are sensitive to their environment and the society they live in.
  • To give the opportunity to benefit and experience national and international education-training programs so that our students can use their mother tongue at a high level and express themselves well in other languages.
  • To work with a staff who have high quality standards, expertise, experience and who are open to innovative practice.
  • Ensuring that the quality of MEF Schools is demonstrated in all units and that the MEF culture is preserved and transferred to the future.


We are aware that education and training at MEF Schools is a continuous process that develops continuously in accordance with the requirements of the time, renewed in the light of knowledge and experience.

For this purpose, we will establish educational and quality objectives that will maximize student communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity potential in line with 21st century skills. We will review these goals regularly and continuously to increase improvement.