Guiding Statements

Our guiding statements are not just words on a page, they truly guide our school each and every day in everything that we do. These guiding statements are aligned across both our campuses, Istanbul and Izmir. We review our guiding statements together with our teachers, parents and students to ensure that they still hold true and state our purpose and our aspirations every three years. The guiding statements below were revised and approved by the Executive Board at the end of the 2017 – 2018 academic year. The definitions for learning and internationalism have been created by our faculty.


Building Bridges between Countries and Cultures

MISSION (our purpose)

We inspire, nurture and challenge our learners to realise their unique potential.

VISION (our aspiration)

To be an open-minded community striving for creativity,  innovation and excellence.


Learning is the ongoing process of constructing new understandings of the world through experiences and interactions. It consists of making connections, reflecting, and expanding on current knowledge through motivation, curiosity, exploration, experimentation, and natural consequences resulting in change in the way we think and perform.


A dynamic discourse that fosters: knowledge and respect; the search for commonalities and a celebration of differences; international mindedness and a peaceful, ethical and progressive society.


The MEF International School Community;

  • promotes and cultivates global mindedness, developing an appreciation for individuals, groups, cultures and societies
  • is empathetic, striving to understand and learn from the perspective of others
  • uses reflective practice, striving for continuous improvement

Where learning…

  • involves making connections, and extending the learner’s understanding that results in action and change
  • is experiential, fun, authentic, and collaborative
  • engages learners in critical, analytical and creative thinking

Where teaching…

  • depends on the positive relationship between teachers and learners
  • supports individual learners, providing challenge and rigour
  • allows for learner voice, choice and ownership
  • fosters curiosity, exploration and experimentation
  • integrates technology to enhance learning
  • is innovative and creative, informed by research concerning educational practice