Host Country Studies

Host Country Studies at MEF IS is designed for both students who already have some basic knowledge of Turkish language and historical, literary and/or cultural concepts of Turkey and for those students who have no prior knowledge at all. The main goal is to help students learn the basics of Turkish language and develop intercultural awareness by being aware of similarities, differences and connections between their culture and Turkish culture.

Throughout middle school host country studies, students develop in the following areas:


  • Speak beginner level Turkish, producing sentences for introducing themselves, carrying on meaningful conversation, shopping or asking for assistance, etc.;
  • Use a basic Turkish vocabulary range and will be able to conjugate for case, person, and present tense;
  • Develop language learning strategies that will help not only with improving their Turkish, but also with learning other languages, too.


  • Gain awareness of the general social, psychological and political underpinnings of what it means to be ‘Turkish’ in history and in this age;
  • Acquire competency in major events in Turkish history and culture and be able to do research and converse on these topics.