School Bus Service

The service bus company contracted to provide bus services for students is İlkem Tourism Transportation Inc. All agreements for the use of the service bus is made between the parent and İlkem Tourism.

İlkem Tourism Transportation Inc.

İlkem started this business alone in 1992 and is proud of having been able to provide honest and high quality service in order to create a transportation model that follows principles by working in line with its ideals and goals.

İlkem Tourism Transportation Inc. has chosen all of its vehicles from the market-accepted fully secure vehicles in the market and has 2,400 vehicles that comply with the rules of service transportation. İlkem Tourism transports 39,500 personnel and 10,400 students daily.

The lighting and illumination systems of vehicles equipped with ABS, ADL and ASR safety equipment are designed in accordance with the standards. In addition, there is no service vehicle in the vehicle fleet over 5 years of age. For the winter months; chains, wedges and tow ropes are necessities for vehicles equipped with complete safety equipment.

Route Plannings:

The bus company will be able to make its route plannings according to the parents’ demands of using school buses.

Please also note that this process may take some time as the plannings are made based on the minimum number of students per bus. 

To get in touch with the company to use their services please contact:


T:  0212 287 69 00 Ext: 158