School Bus Service

The service bus company contracted to provide bus services for students is AZ-AL TURİZM. All agreements for the use of the service bus are made between the parent and AZ-AL TURİZM.

Established in 1990, AZ-AL TURİZM operates in the transportation business. Our company, which makes its name known as the address of quality and safe transportation every day, has become integrated with our slogan “We Carry the Future…”. While it was only carrying students in those years, it expanded its scope since 1999; It has also started to operate in the personnel and tourism transportation service sector. Since its establishment, we have been serving you and your loved ones for years with its young and dynamic structure, which has made its name in many places in the sector, and with its fleet of vehicles that are renewed and growing day by day in the field of service transportation.

We have adopted the quality and safe transportation of AZ-AL Tourism as a life philosophy to serve our children, who are the sages of the future, who are entrusted to us, and we have made your satisfaction our goal.

Our Mission

To fulfill the responsibility and commercial commitments of our customers in order to meet their needs and expectations regarding the transportation service under maximum conditions, to ensure that they receive the best service in a reliable and contemporary manner.

Our Vision

To provide safe and punctual service with our trained personnel and high model vehicles, to continuously increase our quality level by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground and to create a modern transportation model.

Route Plannings:

The bus company will be able to make its route plans according to the parents’ demands of using school buses.

Please also note that this process may take some time as the planning is made based on the minimum number of students per bus.

To get in touch with the company to use their services please contact:

Contact Person: Ms. Ilknur Isci
T: +90 530 954 37 44