School Bus Service

The service bus company contracted to provide bus services for students is Ateş Tur. All agreements for the use of the service bus are made between the parent and Ateş Tur.

Success Is Not a Coincidence

Established as a family company in 1986, Ateş Tur operates in the transportation sector. Our company, which is modern, contemporary and follows technology in the best way, has always kept customer satisfaction at the forefront. With the sense of responsibility required by passenger transportation, ‘life safety first’ has become an unchangeable principle. Ateş Tur is happy to be a solution partner to many institutions and public institutions that have chosen to walk the same path with us for years and is proud of providing services with a superior quality approach in all areas of operation.

Route Plannings:

The bus company will be able to make its route plans according to the parents’ demands of using school buses.

Please also note that this process may take some time as the planning is made based on the minimum number of students per bus.

To get in touch with the company to use their services please contact:

Contact Person: Ms. Ilknur Isci
T: +90 533 953 86 45