In grades 9 & 10, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) classes, students continue to develop skills in creative thinking, enquiry, and problem solving. Throughout the course, students gain greater awareness of the ways ICT can help in home, learning and work environments. Students also delve into design and technology, which enables them to identify and solve problems through creative thinking, planning and design, and by working with different media, materials and tools. As a result, students gain greater technical and design awareness, while developing skills such as initiative, resourcefulness, enquiry and ingenuity.

The aims of the ICT course are to develop:

  • Knowledge of ICT, including new and emerging technologies
  • Autonomous and discerning use of ICT
  • Skills to enhance work produced in a range of contexts
  • Skills to analyse, design, implement, test and evaluate ICT systems
  • Skills to consider the impact of current and new technologies on methods of working in the outside world and on social, economic, ethical and moral issues
  • ICT-based solutions to solve problems
  • The ability to recognise potential risks when using ICT and to use safe, secure, and responsible practice
  • Creative thinking in areas relevant to design and technology