Admissions Process

Thank you for considering our school for the education of your child. We know that choosing the right school for both you and your child is an important decision and it is not one that any parent takes lightly. In order to enrol your child or children at MEF IS, please follow the steps described below.

Admissions Requirements:

  • Students must have successfully completed their previous grade level to be placed in the next grade level in MEF IS when the Academic Year starts in September.
  • The Academic Year runs from September to June and one school year is completed in 10 months at MEF IS. However, in Southern Hemisphere countries such as Australia, Korea or Japan, the academic year runs from Feb-to-Dec; Mar-to-Feb or Apr-to-Mar. Therefore, students who come from these countries and apply to enter MEF IS in the second half of the academic year will not be placed in the next grade level until September because of having missed the first 5-6 months of that school year.
  • A proficient level of English is required for enrolment in Grades 9-12. Entry into Grades 10-11-12 will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Applications will only be considered once the application fee has been paid.

Filling out the Application Forms:

  • MEF IS Application Form consists of four sections (1. Student Information – 2. Parent Information – 3. Student Background Information – 4. Introducing Your Child). Please make sure you have all the information ready before starting to fill out the form fully – if there are any gaps in your application, this will slow the admissions process down.
  • During filling out the form you will need to upload a student photo and a bank statement showing payment of the application fee.

MEF IS Application Form – please click here to start filling out the form.

Providing the Documents Required (hard copies):

Send the following documentation to the Admissions Office in person, through the post or upon arrival in Istanbul, making sure that all the documentation is provided in English; we would require notarized translations for documents in other languages.

  • Report Cards and/or transcripts for the last 2 years of schooling.
  • Passport copies of family members.
  • Residency/work permit information.
  • 3 passport sized photos.

In addition, the following Forms are sent directly to the MEF IS Admissions Office at

  • The Confidential School Recommendation Form must be filled out by the previous/current school Principal / Head teacher / Counsellor and sent directly to the MEF IS Admissions Office. The application will not be deemed complete until this form is received. Please click here to download the form.
  • The Early Childhood Centre Confidential School Recommendation Form must be completed ONLY for students entering Preschool, PreK or Kindergarten. This should be filled out by your child’s previous preschool teacher if she/he has previously attended preschool, or by the parent if this is your child’s first school experience. Please click here to download the form.

Following your application, all your documentation will be forwarded to the School Principal for consideration. The Principal will take into consideration your child’s academic, social and emotional development in making his/her decision. If your child has special educational needs the Learning Support Team will also be consulted. Once a decision has been made regarding enrolment, the Admissions Office will contact you with the outcome.

Once your child’s enrolment is confirmed you will receive an email from the admissions office inviting you to make payment of the placement fee to secure your child’s place at the school. Once the payment has been made, we request up to 2 working days before your child can begin at school.