Computer Science

The ICT course at MEF IS provides middle school students with an opportunity to understand our digital footprint and comprehend our online posts and website ratings, enabling students to form an understanding of digital drama and the effects of cyberbullying and intellectual property rights. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is a key part of the educational experience worldwide and is regarded as a new ‘literacy’ alongside reading, writing and mathematics. Students develop key ICT skills in a range of applications including computer programming, word processing, digital graphics, databases, spreadsheets, email, presentations, video/animation, the internet and web authoring.

The aims of the ICT course are to develop:

  • Knowledge of ICT, including new and emerging technologies
  • Discerning use of ICT
  • Skills to enhance work produced in a range of contexts
  • The ability to recognise potential risks when using ICT and to use safe, secure and responsible practice
  • Creative thinking in areas relevant to design and technology

Activities center around data, codes, encoding and cryptography, and the usage of arithmetic and logic operators in number systems. The program encourages students to learn about the functions of modems, problem-solving through computational thinking and programing.