Field Trips

At MEF IS learning extends beyond the walls of the classroom. Field Trips and Excursions are part of the learning process from Preschool through to Grade 12 as we believe hands-on experiences deepen students’ understanding of concepts and allow students to make meaning of content. It is common for our primary students to take excursions related to the unit of inquiry or concepts taught in classrooms. This may include visiting museums, understanding the importance of waste management by touring the landfill or composting facilities, learning more about the history and Turkish culture by visiting historical monuments, or venturing to the local dog shelter to inspire new ways to “take action”, a vital underpinning of the IB curriculum.

Some trips require students to travel further afield such as the annual field trip to Izmir for the much anticipated Space Camp, where students explore the mysteries of space and learn from trained Aerospace Engineers.

In the Secondary students participate in excursions to the Sabanci Museum, Koc Museum (e.g. Colorful world of math), Forestanbul to team build, green spaces to perform ecological sampling, and trips to historical sights and arts productions.

In addition we also provide opportunities to build a sense of community in team-building focussed field trips. There are also offered various cultural and educational field trip choices outside of Turkey, which vary year-to-year. During the last school year, there were educational trips to London, England and Spain.

Additionally, our Model European Parliament and Model United Nations clubs offer several trip options to other countries to participate in sponsored events.