Personal, Social and Health Education

The Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) program provides a variety of opportunities for students to develop their own self awareness and to build the social and emotional competencies necessary to manage positive relationships with others. This proactive program focuses on emotional and social literacy with the intention of enhancing our students well being and enjoyment of the school environment. The course aims to create a positive impact on student performance and overall success.

At MEF IS, the PSHE curriculum is delivered by the School Guidance Counselor. It is intended to run alongside and support the homeroom program. It is a vertical program in that content and skills are extended throughout grades 6-8. The content of each unit is grade specific. PSHE has the following aims and objectives:

Personal Well Being

  • Developing reflective skills and self awareness
  • Understanding the complexities of emotions and their impact upon behaviour
  • Developing strategies to manage emotions in positive and constructive ways in order to take our individual place within a community.

Social Well Being

  • Develop the personal and social skills needed to take a positive, balanced and constructive place within a community

Health Well Being

  • Focus upon developmental, social, and emotional issues that arise during adolescence in order to develop strategies and raise well being.