Employee Screening

The well-being and safety of our students are of the utmost importance. Therefore our Human Resources Department and School Leadership Team will conduct reference and background checks on all potential employees before making a formal offer of employment. Applicants must provide at least 2 references which will be contacted via phone. Our Leadership Team will ask questions using our standard reference form which also has questions pertaining to Child Protection.

In addition, all employees are required to provide background / criminal checks from their home country and their current country of residence/employment. The school may also ask for record checks from other countries that the candidate has resided in. Additional yearly criminal checks are requested once employment begins.

All administrators, teachers and support personnel must undergo yearly Child Protection training on an online platform with face to face follow-up. Each employee must agree to adhere to the MEF IS Code of Conduct which is part of teacher contractual agreements. The code of conduct outlines expectations in the areas of values and relationships, integrity, conduct, practice, collegiality and collaboration and professional development.