Food and Catering

MEF IS has its own kitchen and is staffed by its very own, experienced chefs and cooks. All meals are freshly prepared on site with the freshest and best ingredients. No preservatives or additives are used in the preparation of the food. Students are served a soup, a hot main dish, a hot side dish, fresh fruit/dessert, and a choice of healthy salad bar options each day.

There is a mixture of Turkish and Western style cuisine served throughout each month’s menu.

Our purchasing processes are carried with attention and detail to the use of quality products. Our qualified food engineer and food technician supervise the whole catering process at the school, from the purchase of the raw materials, to preparation and cooking, through to table service. In addition, routine health examinations and porter examinations of personnel working in the dining room and kitchen are carried out on a regular basis. The dining room is routinely disinfected by a professional company to ensure that hygienic standards are of a very high standard.

MEF Natural Products; From harvest to table

In Arıkanlı Farm, we have created a special agricultural area where we grow natural vegetables, fruits and eggs belonging to our school. Healthy and delicious meals prepared with MEF Natural products are served to our students in our school cafeterias. We are happy to lead a brand new model in education by providing natural nutrition for our students from our farm.