COVID-19 Measurements & Announcements

Dear Parents,

This page has been created for you to reach the school’s Covid-19 measurements and guidelines all in one place.

A control guide on “Improving Hygiene Conditions and Infection Prevention in Educational Institutions” has been sent to our school by the Ministry of Education. Within this context, “MEF Schools Pandemic Process Management Booklet” has been prepared by the school’s Pandemic Committee.

Please click on the booklet to know how we manage the pandemic process, what measurements and guidelines we have put in place.

Our school will practice these guidelines across its campuses meticulously. We expect our community members to read the booklet carefully and follow the specified guidelines.

The procedures below are according to the Ministry of Education “Covid Practices in Schools” Guide.

Protocols for if a Teacher is COVID-19 Positive

  1. The physical classroom(s) that the teacher taught in are identified starting from 2 days prior to the day that the teacher began to show symptoms.
  2. Teachers who have been in contact with a Covid positive teacher, starting from 2 days prior to the day that the teacher began to show symptoms, will be questioned. Information is gathered to determine whether they have been in the same environment face-to-face and unmasked for more than 15 minutes. If so, they are isolated from school for 14 days and work from home. If any symptoms are observed, they are referred to the hospital for a covid test. People who do not show symptoms are not sent to the hospital for testing because currently hospitals carry a huge risk for someone who is not sick.
  3. All students who have entered a classroom where a Covid positive teacher has been are considered to be in contact and are monitored for fever and symptoms every two hours for 14 days.
  4. If a Covid positive teacher uses a school bus service, other staff who sit next to, in front of and behind them are considered close contact and isolated for 14 days and work from home. Other staff in the bus is considered in contact and monitored for fever and symptoms every day.
  5. Anyone on campus who shows any of the symptoms (fever, cough, etc.) during school hours, will visit our Health Unit for blood infection tests. Our Health Unit team, which consists of a full time school doctor and nurse, are available to carry out examinations and analyse results. In case of a suspected case of covid, the person will be taken to our isolation room and referred to the hospital for a covid test.

Protocols for if a Student is COVID-19 Positive

The roadmap to follow is determined according to the student’s grade level.

  1. If a primary school student is infected with Covid, their homeroom teacher and classmates are considered close contact and will begin online education for 14 days.
  2. If a secondary school student is infected with Covid and wearing their mask at all times (it is mandatory to wear masks at school regularly, including classrooms), then, their classmates and teachers who have been in their class are considered in contact and are monitored for fever and symptoms once every two hours for 14 days.
  1. If a covid positive student uses the school bus service, then students who sit next to, in front of and behind them are considered close contact and isolated for 14 days. They may continue their education online. Other students in the bus are considered in contact and monitored for fever and symptoms every day.

Protocols for if a Family Member is COVID-19 Positive

Parents or staff members must inform the school on the day that a family member is tested and isolate their family until they receive the test result. If the family member tests positive, the student will be considered in close contact and will continue their education online. If anyone has the symptoms then they are required to test. If there are no symptoms, there is no need to be tested. All procedures will be followed according to the test results.

In order for our students to make more effective use of the school’s outdoor spaces during the Covid-19 measurements and beyond, we arranged the entry and exit to our school differently for this school year. Therefore, the entrances to and exits from the campus will be made through the MEF Schools main gate. Please see the sketch below that shows the campus traffic entry and exit.

The HES (Hayat Eve Sığar) code implemented by the Ministry of Health indicates whether there is a risk of COVID-19 using measurements.

The aim of the HES code is to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 during the time spent in places such as in government offices and on public transportation. Those persons with COVID-19 or in contact with infected persons are identified through the HES code, which ensures that the necessary measures are taken.

In order to prevent the risk of COVID-19 on our campuses, HES codes will be utilized at school entrances as of 5 October 2020. In order to protect the health of our students and staff, those who do not have a HES code will not be able to enter the campuses. To this end, all of our staff and parents who enter our campuses must obtain their HES codes by October 05, 2020.

Please kindly be informed that parent visits to schools have been limited by the Ministry of Education. If you need to go to the school, remember to make an appointment and make sure that you have your HES code.

How to obtain a HES Code?

1.Via SMS:

Write HES, then leave a space and respectively continue writing your ID number, last 4 digits of your ID’s Serial Number or your birth Year (e.g.1982) and duration (e.g. 30 days) and send it to 2023. Please remember to put spaces between each information.


2.Via Mobile Application:

Go to the HES application main page first and then the “HES KODU OLUSTURMA” page next.

Start producing your HES Code by clicking on the “Yeni Kod Ekle” button under the section of “HES KODU OLUSTUR”. After pressing the “Yeni Kod Ekle” button, select the duration for HES Code on the screen that appears and the name if required.

3.Via e-devlet web site:

Please visit the e-devlet web site.

Route Plannings:

The bus company, İlkem Tourism, that the school works with, will be able to make its route plannings according to the parents’ demands of using school buses.

Please also note that this process may take some time as the plannings are made based on the minimum number of students per bus. This is because we still have some students who couldn’t start face-to-face education.

You are welcome to contact them directly at, should you want your child to use the school bus.

School Buses Covid-19 Measurements:

Drop off: 8.45 – 9am 

  • Primary students will be met by teachers at the barrier arm in the lower car park gate by the ATM machine and walked up to class.
  • ECC parents drop their children to the Lower ECC playground in the morning. A duty teacher will be there to supervise.
  • Pre School students will go straight into class while other ECC students play in the playground.

Pick Up: 3pm

  • All students  will be walked down to the barrier arm in the lower car park gate by the ATM machine in the lower car park gate by the ATM machine ready for pick up at 3pm.
  • Please be on time to pick up your children to ensure our processes run smoothly.

If children arrive late to school, security will need to phone reception to inform them that your child is arriving late so an adult can be there to take the child to class as parents are not allowed in the school buildings due to COVID precaution guidelines, unless there is a prearranged meeting.

If children need to be picked up early from school, please contact the reception and your child’s teacher by email preferably the day before so security can be informed in advance and your child can meet you at the reception door.