Within the scope of the “DiaLingua” project conducted in collaboration with ECNAIS (European National Private Schools Association Council) and TÖZOK  (Turkey Private Schools Association) two teachers from MEF Schools participated in the training held in Prague and Helsinki. After the visit of our teachers, English teachers from Prague and Finland came to MEF Schools Ulus Campus in the second phase of the project. During their visit, they made some observations at our MEF Schools Ulus Campus and visited the units in our national and international schools to get information about our institution. The project is structured on the discussion of better methods in “Foreign Language Teaching” at early and young ages and the sharing of educational practices in different countries.The program ended with a workshop where foreign language policies were discussed in the form of mutual questions and answers under the leadership of our Middle School English teacher Eda Gür and High School English teacher Seda Uğur.