Computer Science


The IGCSE Level Computer Science course follows the CAIE Computer Science curriculum and is taught for 3 hours per week.

Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science learners study the principles and practices of computing and gain confidence in computational thinking and programming.

They learn to program by writing computer code and they develop their understanding of the main principles of problem solving using computers. Learners apply their understanding to develop computer-based solutions to problems using algorithms and a high-level programming language. They also develop a range of technical skills, as well as the ability to test effectively and to evaluate computing solutions.

AS and A level

The As /A Level Computer science course follows the CAIE Computer science curriculum and is taught for 5 hours per week.

This syllabus is designed to give greater flexibility both to teachers and to learners. It is envisaged that learners will use the skills and knowledge of computer science acquired through this course in one of three ways:

  • To provide a general understanding and perspective of the development of computer technology and systems, which will inform their decisions and support their participation in an increasingly technologically dependent society.
  • To provide the necessary skills and knowledge to seek employment in areas that use computer science.
  • To develop their knowledge and understanding of computer science through entry to higher education, where this qualification will provide a useful foundation for further study of computer science or more specialist aspects of computer science.