Career Counseling

The newly expanded College Counseling Department will coordinate with our PSHE (Personal and Social Health Education) Teacher, Ms. Kristi Wheeldon, incorporating various careers-related activities for MEF IS students in high school and middle school. Recent research indicates what educators have known for years – that real-world experiences and applications of knowledge make learning much more authentic.

To better prepare our students for college and career readiness, it behooves us to assess a broader range of skills than in the past. The educational system of today is tasked with preparing today’s middle school students for jobs that likely do not yet exist. These statements are supported in The Condition of College & Career Readiness report compiled by the ACT in 2016, which highlights the necessity of expanding opportunities for students, including programs geared toward middle school students, as seen in the ACT report, The Forgotten Middle.

Both our mathematics and science departments have begun to do this by expanding our ordinarily cultural-focused field trips to those that involve STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) components as well. Grades 6-8 learned to make a special bridge based on a design of none other than Leonardo da Vinci at the Rahmi Koc Museum. While these opportunities are usually enjoyed by small groups of students, the school is increasingly seeking experiences that include entire classes. We hope this will allow our students opportunities to better explore a more comprehensive menu of real-world applications for their academic knowledge, so they may better design and adapt their long-term plans.

Some of the resources the Career Counseling department will share with students will include various articles found on the Explore Careers page. As our program begins to expand, more resources and opportunities will be highlighted on this website and in our College Counseling Newsletters, as well as on grade level Google Classrooms.

As many of our parents are professionals working in various dynamic fields, they may even find themselves invited to share their wealth of knowledge and experience in speaking opportunities throughout the year. If you’re already a member of our community and are keen to share your expertise in a conference, please let one of us know.